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inspired by the Danish "dogme movement", dogma press is a writers' cooperative dedicated to the e-publishing of unique, uncompromising, and occasionally even unedited literary works.

Rod Kierkegaard, Jr: MIRRORLAND

"Mirrorland" is an epic romantic comedy written in the form of two blogs that tell wildly differing versions of the same love story, his and hers. Donho Likkanen is a Finnish designer of erotic plumbing fixtures. Hope Muntz is a young academic working on her PhD in Mythology, They meet on an airline flight to Finland, where she's researching the Kalevala, the great Finnish national epic, and he's returning after a 35-year exile. Hope is earnest and gullible--but discovers herself to also be resilient and resourceful. And though Likkanen fancies himself the Finnish Casanova, and provides the colorful if unconsciously funny story of his life—and slowly reveals himself to be, well, almost human.

We hope this one makes you laugh.

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From Donho Likkanen: 
Moi to all, which means “hey” in my native tongue of Finnish. Here at last is the story of my life, truly of far greater importance to world literature than ‘War and Peace’ or “The Memoirs of Casanova”. Between these pages you will read of the many exploits of Donho Likkanen (me), a true Finn, famous legendary sex god of Manhattan, and the most famous designer of erotic bathroom fixtures in the world today. You will also take a most magical trip to Finland (which is in all honesty a bit of a boring place to visit) and learn about the Kalevala, the great national epic of my nation. And of course, there will also be plenty of healthful hot gland-slapping monkey sex, some of it with very famous people. At the end of this fabulous book, you will be laughing and weeping so hard, you will be begging me to write many sequels. Or at least for me to come and live with you on your bed or perhaps couch.


The Green Man & Other Stories collects for the first time anywhere eleven of the early short stories of fantasist Rand B. Lee, who for many years has been delighting — and shocking — readers with tales characterized by pathos, sensuality, humor, and a keen sensitivity to life on the borderland of perceived reality.

In "The Green Man," a lonely little boy encounters a strange, shadowy figure at woods' edge, a figure who will change his life forever;

In "The Pearl," a seedy cityscape becomes the backdrop for the death — and redemption — of a drug-addicted gay male prostitute;

In "Shriving Autumn," prepared especially for this collection, a tormented nobleman seeks his son, who was stolen away by fairies;

In "End Cruise," the brain of a dying holo star tells a horrifying tale of seduction, transformation, and betrayal;

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rod kierkegaard jr : OBAMA JONES & THE LOGIC BOMB

The controversial Rod Kierkegaard Jr, best known for the cult comic strip, Rock Opera in Heavy Metal Magazine, follows it up with his first novel, a dark social satire set in the America of 2049.  A fast-moving, sexy, visionary comic satire in the tradition of Philip K. Dick and Petronius's Satyricon, Obama Jones and the Logic Bomb  draws the reader into a randy, pleasure-seeking, plugged-in future world in which political correctness is the law of the land and a new Ice Age has turned the Green movement Orange.

Devastated by the loss of his beloved wife Kim, Obama Jones, a mild-mannered bureaucrat, sets off on a desperate quest through cyberspace to rescue her from the clutches of a compulsory, lifelong UN witness protection program. Along the way he encounters ruthless diplomats, terrorist cells, talking apes, deadly seductresses, shapeshifting robots, body-snatching aliens, civil war in Central Park, God, a strutting supercool babe-magnet alter-ego named Joyful Kalinga, and the Truth: about Kim; about the purpose and fate of Humynkind, and about Obama's own astonishing true nature.  

On sale at Amazon (Kindle Edition) now.

Read an excerpt from the novel:

jules michelet : WITCH!

Witch! (originally La Sorcière) is the definitive work on Satanism and sorcery by the legendary Medieval scholar Jules Michelet, published in 1862. This is the edition that started the craze for Occultism in the West in the original English translation by Lionel J. Trotter, with an all-new formatting and foreword. Long regarded as a classic for its depiction of witchcraft as essentially an act of rebellion against both the male-dominated secular and church authorities, it reads with all the drama and immediacy of a novel, and its unflinching descriptions still resonate even today with a modern audience. According to Michelet:
"The object of my book was purely to give, not a history of Sorcery, but a simple and impressive formula of the Sorceress's way of life, which my learned predecessors darken by the very elaboration of their scientific methods and the excess of detail. My strong point is to start, not from the devil, from an empty conception, but from a living reality, the Sorceress, a warm, breathing reality, rich in results and possibilities."

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